New Year, Same Story. Redlights, Distracted Driving, and more

The Herald Tribune reported that an 80 year old Ellenton Man was killed Monday morning when his pickup truck was hit by a semi-truck at U.S. 41 at Haben Boulevard. Police indicated that the semi-truck driver ran a red light and crashed into the pickup, causing this horrific auto accident. The driver of the pickup was pronounced dead at the scene.

With the New Year, drivers need to make a resolution to pay more attention to the road, other vehicles and follow traffic laws for the safety of others. Distracted driving has become a immense problem throughout the United States accounting for a considerable amount of traffic fatalities in the US. The police investigation is currently ongoing and they have not indicated if distracted driving lead to the running of this red light, ultimately resulting in a traffic fatality.

With the escalation of technology and devices, our car has become a very distracting and dangerous place. Cell phones, app programs, satellite radio, touchscreen gps monitors all contribute to the distractions we now face in our vehicle. Some States have already issued a ban on texting while driving, others currently have legislation that is active.


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