DUI and Smart Phones

With the advances in smart phone technology that has translated to a dramatic increase in alcohol relates apps. There are 122 different alcohol related apps and 22 apps that relate to BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) specifically. 3 iPhone DUI and DWI Apps for Measuring Blood Alcohol Intoxication Levels

Responsible drinking begins with proper planning. Everyone knows that if you are going out with friends for the night and are planning to drink alcohol, then the best thing to do is to leave the car at home and find alternate transportation or assign a designated driver for the evening. Then there are those individuals who know that they should not drink to excess and drive but stick to the old adage “Do as I say not as I do”. Some of the individuals that do not heed such warnings, and simply choose to rely on all kinds of devices to measure their own BAC or blood alcohol concentration .

A number of software applications have been developed for drivers throughout the country with smartphones. Since many states have tightened up their DUI penalties and laws, companies have created applications that allow users to “track” their own blood alcohol content levels. Creators and developers of these apps state that their focus is to get drivers to think twice before getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol. Many individuals insist they are still able to drive, even if they obviously display intoxicated behaviors.

Here are three of the most popular DUI /DWI iPhone apps in the market today:

BreathalEyes Daniels & Hannan - Breathaleys

BreathalEyes is an iPhone app that detects the eye’s involuntary movement. This app is similar to the field sobriety test Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus that police officers conduct on drivers. The involuntary twitching and jerking of the eye on it’s own can be an indicator of alcohol consumption. Alcohol is not the only factor that can cause Nystagmus but is certainly the most commonly known among the 38 different causes. ,The app, BreathalEyes uses the iPhone’s camera to record a driver’s eye movement while the driver’s head remains forward.

The developers of this app suggest, however, that the individual conducting the test should be able to hold the phone steady during the test duration or should be sober. Good lighting conditions are also required.

Daniels & Hannan - Drink TrackerDrink Tracker

Drink Tracker is an app that, as the name indicates, keeps a record of one’s BAC and the number drinks that one consumes for the evening using a BAC calculator and a personal Breathalyzer simulator. This app is the modern-day version of the height and weight tables used previously. The app requires user input of a personal profile, including the age, sex, height, and weight of the individual.

When the user begins to drink, he or she must select his or her profile. The Drink Tracker compares the user’s alcohol intake and inferred metabolic rate, and then provides the user with regular updates of BAC levels. The app is also able to set a target BAC, allowing the app’s countdown timer to be set to the approximate time this target is reached.

The latest version of Drink Tracker includes a GPS-based feature called “Outta Here!”. This feature uses Google Maps so that a user may obtain directions to his or her next destination, call a taxi, or even email another contact to pick the user up.

Daniels & Hannan - IntoxicheckIntoxicheck

Intoxicheck is an app that claims it is scientifically validated based on research conducted in 1994 that found a correlation between specific computer-based memory, judgment and reaction tests to Standard field sobriety tests typically conducted by law enforcement to determine a person’s degree of impairment. Intoxicheck has adapted those tests to run as an iPhone app.

Intoxicheck first creates a pre-drinking baseline or unimpaired standard by allowing the user to perform the challenges while still sober. After having consumed alcohol, the individual must then perform the same challenges to determine how impaired they are in terms of their reaction time, memory, dexterity, and sense of judgment.. The app compares the before and after results, assessing how impaired the user is. With Intoxicheck, it is not necessary to count the number of drinks one consumes and to guess the alcohol content of each drink.

Reliability of D.U.I. Smartphone Apps

With so many D.U.I. prevention apps out there, it’s important to note that they are by no means perfect. Many of these apps come with a legal disclaimer that makes it clear to users that these apps are primarily intended for entertainment purposes. Apple recently banned the popular user-based app, Trapster, which allowed users to notify one another about sobriety checkpoints.Daniels & Hannan - Trapster These apps are intended to provide their users with useful tools that help promote responsible decision-making and safe driving. No one should rely on these apps as an absolute certainty or basis for a D.U.I. defense.

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