Dangers of Texting and Driving

Dangers of Texting and DrivingOn November 27, 2012, Manuel Belisario Bonet Jr. of Tampa, Florida lost his life due to a texting and driving accident near the Gandy Bridge in Saint Petersburg, Florida. His vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed when it veered left onto the grass median. The Driver over-corrected his steering wheel and crashed into a wooden power pole and palm trees. The Driver ultimately died at the scene of the accident.

In Florida this has become an all to familiar deadly combination of actions, texting while driving and accidents. Recently Florida has introduced legislation about banning texting while driving. While over 30 states currently ban texting and driving, Florida has resisted this restrictive legislation. Though numerous bills have been attempted in the Florida Legislature, to date they have all failed. Some politicians argue that the Careless Driving Stature gives police officers the ability to ticket drivers that are texting. The Federal Government has made it clear that it would like to see all states provide a ban on texting while driving in an effort to preserve both property and lives. The vast impact that texting while driving has on our lives and economy is immense. Insurance rates have dramatically increased, automobile repair costs have gone up and countless lives have been wasted due to driver desire to communicate by typing messages while operating an automobile. The reason for the dramatic push for the detailed anti-texting while driving ban is aimed at protecting the general public while making it well known, in black and white, that it is illegal vs. leaving it to subjective determination of law enforcement to enforce a vague statutes such as Careless Driving.

Texting and Driving Is a Real Danger in Florida

Though Florida has seen a decrease in the last couple years of fatalities due to automobile accidents, the danger exists more and more due to advanced technology in the vehicles. As technology increases the distractions that drivers incur increase causing even more hazards for those operating on the road ways of our great state. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident due to the careless driving of another, don’t delay call today, call Daniels & Hannan at (941)932-8007 for a free consultation. You may also visit our website at www.dhlawfirm.org.