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PIP Suit Process

Our Process in handling PIP Suit Litigation

Our office believes in maintaining open communications with clients. We are always available by phone or email for any questions that you may have. We recognize and encourage you to know what is going on with your files, therefore, we provide you reports on all the cases you have with our office.


One of our attorneys and the Director of PIP Litigation will meet with you and find out which patients were billed under PIP and which files you were underpaid on. If you there is a certain case that you don't want us to pursue then let us know.


Our trained staff (directly supervised by an attorney) will review each PIP file and find out which ones were improperly reduced. If you are owed money then we will find it.


Our office scans the necessary paperwork into our firm's secure computer network so you don’t have to be bombarded for document requests.


Within five (5) business days, our staff will send out a demand letter to the PIP insurance company demanding payment within 30 days of receipt.


The insurance company will then respond by mailing checks for the amount owed, provide our office a legal reason for denying benefits, or our office will file a PIP suit on your behalf to recover the full amount of money you are owed.

If an insurance company refuses to pay your bills correctly then our office will file a lawsuit against the insurance company to collect the money you are owed. We don’t delay the filing of litigation. We understand that you need to be compensated and time is of the essence. If our office has to file a lawsuit against an insurance company then Florida law requires the insurance company to pay for our attorney's fees. We never charge medical providers for our attorney's fees. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients and look forward to helping you collect the money you may be rightfully owed from PIP insurance companies.