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Outstanding Legal Representation, Exceptional Client Service!

PIP Litigation Sarasota

PIP Suits

Insurance companies wrongfully deny Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefit payments everyday. Some of the largest insurance carriers such as, Geico, State Farm, Progressive and All State, are the biggest offenders in the state of Florida. Don’t let the insurance companies deny you your rightful payment for services rendered.

This is where our firm and the experienced PIP litigation team can help. As a client of our firm, there is ZERO out-of-pocket expense for you. Our firm represent medical providers throughout the entire state of Florida and our PIP Litigation team has collected millions of dollars from insurance companies. If we don’t recover, there is never a charge to you.

Once you execute a HIPPA Business Agreement with our firm, we can review your patient files for underpayments. Once your file has been received by our office, we mail a demand letter to the PIP insurance company giving them 30 days to pay the bill correctly or provide proof that they correctly paid. Every file in our office is guaranteed to have the demand notice sent within 5 days of receipt. The PIP insurance company has two (2) very simple choices once they receive our demand notice. They will either pay the bill correctly or give us a reason for not paying. If the PIP insurance company still denies payment for an invalid reason then we will immediately file a lawsuit against the PIP insurer to collect the money you are owed.

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