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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycling is often considered one of the most adventurous forms of travel. For those that ride, Daytona Beach’s bike week is a rite of passage that must not be missed. As the popularity of utilizing motorcycles rises, so does the rate of danger. This American pastime has become increasingly dangerous because of the negligence of other drivers. Florida’s growing population and popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts makes motorcycle safety an important issue. The number of motorcycle crashes, fatalities, and injuries in the United States has increased in recent years, and Florida has shown the same trend. In 2010, Florida saw over seven thousand (7,000) motorcycle crashes and over six thousand (6,000) motorcycle accident injuries. The scariest or most frightening number is 350; this is the number of fatalities from motorcycle crashes or accidents for the year 2010 according the the Department of Highway Safety and that number is expected to rise once the numbers are calculated for 2011. Though many believe that the younger generation as the ones getting involved in motorcycle accidents, this is hardly the truth in Florida. Florida median age of someone fatally injured in a motorcycle accident is forty two (42). The age group of forty five to fifty four (45-54) accounts for most injuries.

Florida is a popular tourist destination and does host a number of motorcycle enthusiast events. However, ninety four(94%) percent of motorcyclists fatally injured in Florida were residents of this state. In 2011, motorcycle riders accounted for seven percent (7%) of the motoring public, but in contrast they served as almost fifteen percent (15%) of the fatalities. One of the most common injury while riding a motorcycle and involved in a wreck/crash/ accident is brain injury. Brain injury was associated to twenty nine percent (29%) of the motorcycle accident fatalities. Other injuries include but are not limited to fractured arms and legs, internal organ injuries, and chest injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the Attorneys at Daniels & Hannan want to represent you. Daniels & Hannan will work diligently to make sure you or the family is compensated adequately for the loss suffered. The attorneys at Daniels & Hannan understand that motorcycle accidents are special in nature. Motorcycle accidents often are more traumatic causing not only medical bills but extended periods without being able to work. Often times it will take months if not years to recover from a serious motorcycle accident. The Attorneys at Daniels & Hannan understand the impact that a motorcycle accident can cause to the family and work diligently to seek adequate and proper compensation. Contact the Attorneys at Daniels & Hannan for a FREE CONSULATATION to discuss your rights today at (941)932-8007.

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