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Arrested for DUI, call the Dog!

Common Mistake Made in Hiring a DUI Attorney

The Most Common Mistake In Hiring A DUI Attorney by Those Charged with DUI is….

Hiring an attorney that tries to do everything. Have you ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master at NONE“? If you have made the decision to hire a DUI attorney, you should always keep in mind that even if an attorney works in criminal defense, he or she is not necessarily qualified to handle a DUI defense case. If your lawyer does not focus on alcohol related driving offenses and their related charges and laws, that attorney may not be able to offer you the best possible defense for your drunk driving case. The first question you should always ask is “when was the last continuing education course you took that was specifically devoted to alcohol or drug related driving offenses?”.

The attorneys at Daniels & Hannan are dedicated to your DUI defense and continually strive to ensure they are the most prepared and knowledgeable attorneys in the courtroom, as it related to DUI law. Our attorneys are proud members of the National College for DUI Defense and regularly attend trial seminars, continuing education and participate in workshops focused on DUI Defense. These reasons are what truly sets the legal team at Daniels & Hannan apart from all the rest. Our firm is devoted to defending those who have been arrested for drunk driving in Florida.